Wednesday, June 19, 2013

HBCUs Produce the Most Black Alums Who Receive Doctorates in Science and Engineering

This note provides a closer look at some of the data that was originally presented in a recent report from the National Science Foundation (NSF), "Baccalaureate Origins of U.S.-trained S&E Doctorate Recipients" (Mark K. Fiegener and Steven L. Proudfoot, March 2013):

In other words, which undergraduate institutions had the most alums who subsequently earned research-oriented doctoral degrees in science and engineering (S&E)???

Sunday, June 09, 2013

HBCUs' Online & Blended Degree Programs -- 2013

DLL Editor's Caveat -- The 2013 report is obsolete because it is based on obsolete 2013 data. Readers are therefore referred to the HBCUs -- Online and Blended Degree Programs -- 2014 report that is based on the DLL's 2014 survey. The 2013 report has therefore been removed from this blog until further notice.