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As tech innovations accelerate, it becomes increasingly difficulty to keep up with developments in tech sectors adjacent to one's own professional focus. Fortunately, excellent summaries and overviews of new developments appear from time to time.   Unfortunately, these pieces are easily lost in the surging tidal wave of publications about the new developments. Therefore this page will list tweets that link to some of the DLL's favorites, a list that will be updated from time to time, but constrained by deletions as well as additions.

Readers' assessments of the value of our selections will be greatly appreciated ... :-)

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Ed Tech

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MOOCs, online, blended, flipped ...
  1. My Medium article about Ivy League MOOCs received over a million views in just five days. You can read it here:
  1. Monetization Over Massiveness: Breaking Down MOOCs by the Numbers in 2016:
Info Tech

FinTech ...
  1. Fintech is not just fintech anymore. It is no longer one big bucket, but many.
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Blockchain ...

  1. First, get up to speed on and its impact on your , then register for Business of Blockchain -
  1. is changing the world. I spent months on this Digital Edition cover story to explain why. Enjoy!
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Internet-of-Things (IoT) 

  1. Internet of Things in the enterprise: The state of play
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Artificial Intelligence, machine learning, deep learning, bots, robotics ...
  1. The 19 friendliest, most informative videos you've ever seen!

  1. We watched Facebook's AI education videos so you don't have to

  1. In 's June issue—Soon we won’t program computers. We’ll train them like dogs:
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Statistical learning, data science, big data, etc
  1. 5 Great Data Science TED Talks for Current and Aspiring Analysts via
  1. Considering a career in ? Check out 's in-depth review of the Data Analyst Nanodegree program!
Cybersecurity, privacy, & cybercrime ...
  1. Don't make it easy for yourself to be tracked online. ... https://t.co/ZRsjHYxGIb

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