Saturday, January 24, 2015

"TECH Dozens" -- Week Ending Saturday 1/24/15

Last update: Sunday 1/25/15 @ 12:49 am

This week's cover = Photo of President Obama giving his SOTU 2015

... Other top stories ==> Dr. King's birthday celebration ... 
Microsoft introduces Windows 10, Surface Hub, and HoloLens ... and Pervasive breaches of cybersecurity

Below find links to the Digital Learning Lab's "Dozens" of favorite news items about HBCUs' use of information technology to enhance their teaching, research, and community services ... plus news about hackathons and issues related to coding & coding literacy... in HBCU media and Tech media ... for the week ending Saturday 1/24/15 @ 12 noon ... Links to previous editions of the Dozens can be found on ==> Back issues.

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Directory of HBCU Computer Science Programs -- 1.7 forthcoming

Last update: Thursday 1/29/15 @ 9:07 pm

DLL Editor's Note -- Unfortunately, substantial data problems have surfaced again, so Version 1.6 of the Directory of HBCU Computer Science, Information Sciences, and Support Services Programs has been withdrawn for the second time.

As I explained to a couple of colleagues, I am concerned that the data that I extract from the IPEDS Data Center for 101 HBCUs in one table is not always the same as the data that I extract for individual HBCUs from the more user-friendly College Navigator Website that queries the IPEDS database. 

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

DLL Storify of Open House at Civic Hall, NYC -- Tuesday 1/20/15

Last update: Tuesday 1/21/15 @ 3:25 pm 
Personal Democracy Media announced the Civic Hall project in November 2014:
"In short, what people told us was they want a home base, a gathering place that provides a physical space that is more intensive than a weekend hackathon, but less structured than a start-up incubator."