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What's in the DLL's "TECH Daily" and "TECH Dozens" publications? 
  • As per its name, TECH Daily is published on weekdays, from Tuesday through Saturday. TECH Daily contains copies of the DLL Editor's favorite tweets about HBCUs, education technology, information technology (in general), hacker activities (i.e., hacking by the "good guys"), and views/comments/op ends about important issues in the previous categories. Most tweets contain links to articles on blogs, Web pages, Facebook pages, etc.
  • TECH Dozens is published on Sunday mornings and contains the DLL Editor's favorite tweets in the TECH Dailies published during the previous week. Each category usually contains about a dozen favorites.  

Previous issues of TECH Dozens magazine can be found at the following links 
  • Week ending -- 2/4 | 2/11 | 2/18 | 2/25

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