Saturday, November 23, 2013

Why Are HBCUs Still Needed? -- Part V

Last updated: Sunday 11/24/12 @ 12:23 pm
This is my fifth and probably my last attempt to answer to this question. IMHO HBCUs are still needed because the non-HBCUs in the mainstream of U.S. higher education have provided inadequate opportunities and inadequate inspiration for the nation's black students.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

Directory of Potential Strategic Partners for HBCUs and Virtual HBCUs

Last updated: Sunday 11/17/13 @ 1:12 pm

HBCUs and strategic alliances of HBCUs ("virtual HBCUs") can engage online service providers as strategic partners to help them launch online degree and certificate programs. A list of some of the nation's most prominent online service providers that have been engaged by HBCUs and non-HBCUs as strategic partners appears in Table 1 (below). 

Friday, November 15, 2013

Digital Gold Rush -- HBCUs, Virtual HBCUs, and Snapchat

Last updated: Friday 11/15/13 @ 2:56 pm
This week's announcement that the two young co-founders of Snapchat  received a $1 billion buy-out offer from Facebook (NY Times, 11/14/13) echoed Facebook's $1 biilion buy-out offer that was accepted by the two young co-founders of Instagram (NY Times, 4/9/2012) about 18 months ago. 

Saturday, November 02, 2013

Virtual HBCUs, Mobile Apps, and Hip Hop Moguls

Last updated: Sunday 11/3/13 @ 9:09 am
Last month I posted a note on this blog, Booker T 2, that suggested that HBCUs should emulate Booker T. Washington's successful efforts to obtain substantial support from wealthy patrons by appealing to their patrons' abiding, deep rooted self-interest, rather than to their sporadic impulses to "do good."