Sunday, November 17, 2013

Directory of Potential Strategic Partners for HBCUs and Virtual HBCUs

Last updated: Sunday 11/17/13 @ 1:12 pm

HBCUs and strategic alliances of HBCUs ("virtual HBCUs") can engage online service providers as strategic partners to help them launch online degree and certificate programs. A list of some of the nation's most prominent online service providers that have been engaged by HBCUs and non-HBCUs as strategic partners appears in Table 1 (below). 

Table 1. Prominent Online Service Providers

Online Service Provider
HBCU Partners
Some Non-HBCU Partners
2U Formerly "2tor" Georgetown University, University of North Carolina, University of Southern California. George Washington University
Bisk Education/University Alliance (UA)
Michigan State University,  Villanova University, University of Florida, University of San Francisco, Dominican University, Valparaiso University
Colloquy Kaplan (Washington Post) Paul Quinn College George Washington University,  Brandeis University, University of South Florida
Deltak Wiley Boston University, Notre Dame De Namur University,  Purdue University, Beneectine University, Sacred Heart University
Education Online Services (EOServ) Partnerships with HBCUs have produced more online degree programs than any other online service provider Barber-Scotia College,
Morris Brown College,
Jackson State University,
Tougaloo Collete,
Langston University,
Virginia University at Lynchburg,
Southern University and A&M College,
Southern University New Orleans (SUNO),
Southern University at Shreveport (SUSLA)
American College of Education,
New England College of Business & Finance,
Mt. Lyon Institute,
Ivy Bridge College,
LA College
EducationDynamics Halyard Capital Lehigh University,
John Cabot University,
Learning House Weld North
90 partners in 30 states Note: Learning House has many HBCU clients for online course development. List of partners no longer appears on its Website Concordia University (St. Paul),
Notre Dame College,
Midway College,
Highland Community College
Pearson eCollege Pearson PLC Howard University,
Coppin State University (course development)
Arizona State University, Northern Arizona University, Rutgers University, 
Pearson Embanet  Pearson PLC Embanet Compass acquired by Pearson PLC in 2011 Howard University School of Business Boston University, Abeline Christian University, Case Western Reserve University,  Breandeis University, George Washington University, Adelphi University, Northeastern University, University of Southern California

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