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TECH Dozens 2014

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This year's cover = photo from tweet about Protests against police killing unarmed black males

Other top stories ==> No Diversity in Silicon Valley ... Closing the Digital Divide with code ... and Massive IT security breaches

This special end-of-year edition of Tech Dozens contains tweets that link to the Digital Learning Lab's favorite news items for the year 2014 ... Links to previous editions of the Dozens can be found ==> Back issues.

A. HBCUs | B. Ed Tech | C. Gen Tech | D. Hackers | E. Views 

A. HBCU Media 

Cover Story -- Protests against police killing black males +++

DLL-Editor's Note -- During the last five months of 2014, protests against the unprovoked executions of Michael Brown, Eric Garner, and too many other unarmed black males became an ongoing national grass roots movement. But the records should note that these protests began in August 2014 at Howard University, an HBCU, where a photo of HU students' "Hands Up, Don't Shoot" demonstration quickly went viral. (The TECH 2014 cover is the Howard photo.)

Howard University students describe the making of their hands up solidarity v...  ... This story was also covered by the Washington Post, USA Today, Essence, Huffington Post, Fast Company, Washingtonian, NY Times
From Howard University the protests spread to other HBCUs, then to other colleges, and eventually involved concerned citizens of all races and all ages from all walks of life in cities and towns throughout the nation ... hashtags #HandsUpDontShoot #BlackLivesMatter #ICantBreathe #Ferguson.

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Photo: Maya Angelou receiving an honorary degree from @HowardU in 1985. ... DLL Editor's Note -- Dr. Anjelou's passing was also noted by HBCU NewsNY TimesDiverseHuffington PostGood Morning America


DLL Editor's note: In this 1991 interview Dr. Shabazz provided a comprehensive, but succinct summary of his goals and achievements as a teacher and mentor of mathematics for black studentsRecently the HBCU community mourned the passing of Dr. Maya Anjelou with extensive memorials, as it should have because she was a master teacher of the humanities who inspired so many of us.  But why was the passing of Dr. Shabazz, a master teacher of the most fundamental component of STEM, given so little notice ???????

B. Educational Technology 

Competency-Based Programs
 Digital Learning Lab @DLLOnline  ·  Jul 23
Competency-based education gets a boost from the Education Department @insidehighered  ... DLL Editor's Note -- This story was also coveredby the Chronicle of Higher Ed
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 ·  May 291.9 million people around the world have registered for one or more of Stanford's MOOCs. 
 ·  Jun 10After grappling with data, MOOC Research Initiative participants release results  

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 Digital Learning Lab @DLLOnline  ·  Jun 272013 edition of annual Babson survey of U.S. online education .2013 edition of annual Babson survey of U.S. online education ... #hbcu #hbcus #edtech ==> …
 ·  Jun 27  Bowen's "Interactive Learning Online at Public Universities: Evidence from a Six-Campus Randomized Trial" ==> Bowen's "Interactive Learning Online at Public Universities: Evidence from a Six-Campus Randomized Trial" ==> 
 ·  Jun 3
U.S. releases data on distance education enrollments @insidehighered 
C. General Technology ... Issues in the broader technical environment that impact teaching, learning, research, hackers, and entrepreneurs 

No diversity in Silicon Valley ++++++++

The Reverend Jesse Jackson's Rainbow PUSH Coalition has been pressing Silicon Valley to disclose its staff diversity data for more than a decade. This year the Valley finally responded, starting with Google in May 2014.
Google's report was followed by diversity reports from a Who's Who from the Valley and from points north. These reports were given intensive coverage by the business and technical media, but the coverage by TechCrunch was the most extensive; VentureBeat placed second. Therefore each of the following bullets contains two links: the first is usually to a Techcrunch article about a company's diversity report; the second to the company's report itself.

    Google -- TechCrunch article ... Google report
    Facebook -- TechCrunch article ... Facebook report
    Twitter -- TechCrunch article ... Twitter report
    Pinterest -- TechCrunch article ... Pinterest report
    Indiegogo -- TechCrunch article ... Indiegogo report
    Amazon -- TechCrunch article ... Amazon report
    Apple -- TechCrunch article ... Apple report
    eBay -- TechCrunch article ... eBay report
    Yahoo -- No TechCrunch or VentureBeat article ... Yahoo report
    Linkedin -- VentureBeat article ... Linkedin report
    Microsoft -- TechCrunch article ... Microsoft report
    Pandora -- TechCrunch article ... Pandora report

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Massive IT security breaches ++++++++++++

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Microsoft ...
Here's everything Microsoft announced today for its Office suite:  DLL Editor's Note -- This story about Microsoft taking Office and Explorer beyond Windows was also covered by NY Times, TechCrunch, CNET, Networkworld, Bloomberg
Microsoft open sources .NET, saying it will run on Linux and Mac ... DLL Editor's Note -- This story also covered by TechCrunch, CNET, VentureBeat, Bloomberg Tech

Apple ...
VentureBeat @VentureBeat  Inside the development of the Swift language, Apple's passion project 4 years in the making ... DLL Editor's Note -- This story also covered by ZDNetInfoWorldTechCrunch

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D. Hackers, Entrepreneurs, & Supporters ... 
Directory ==> HERE

Closing the Digital Divide with code +++++++

The DLL's calendar listed (most of) Black America's most prominent civic, educational, and corporate/entreprenurial code-related events in 2014 ... Readers should take special note of the extensive activities of the organizations identified as "exemplars" in the Hackers note on the home page of this blog:

    Black Founders, Black Girls Code, Black Tech Miami, Blue 1647, Code Fever Miami, Code for Atlanta, CODE2040, CodeNow, Coding While Black, DiversiTech, Goodie Hack, Hack the Hood, NewMe Accelerator, Qeyno Labs, and #YesWeCode

Many of their events that were Storyfied by the DLL and by others. Links to these and to other useful curations can be found on the Archives page. However the following events were the DLL's favorites:

    Black Girls Code -- "Love is Respect" hackathon in Brooklyn/Oakland (June 2014) 
    Black Girls Code -- "Mobile App Development Workshop (July 2014)
    #YesWeCode/Qeyno Labs -- "Essence Fest" hackathon in New Orleans (July 2014)
    @PlatformOrg -- Summit Conference at Morehouse College (October 2014)
    Silicon Harlem -- 2014 Technology Conference (October 2014)
    #YesWeCode/Qeyno Labs -- "My Brothers Keeper" hackathon (November 2014)
    UNCF/APLU -- HBCU Summit in Silicon Valley (November 2014) -- Note that the hackathon at Facebook was just one of this comprehensive conference's many components 
    @ThePhatStartUp -- #Tech808 conference (November 2014)
    Black Enterprise -- "Corner Office" Twitter Chat with Anie Akpe (September 2014)
    NewMe Accelerator -- Series of "Founder Chats"

 #YesWeCode -- Series of Twitter chats hosted by Uchechi Kalu

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1st review of new  #appcelerator alloy & cloud services book on cross-platform #mobiledev  ... DLL Editor's Note -- The publication of this book by a major publishing house certifies Aaron Saunders' status as a tech's tech, a guru who teaches other techs how to use the most productive tools of their trade. But Mr. Saunders is also a black activist who is deeply committed to helping black youngsters learn how to code their way across the Digital Divide. His dual status makes him one of Black America's most valuable assets.

E. Tech Views -- Comments and Opinions

"The kids in wear hoodies too, but they don't get shot." - Powerful .

Protests ...

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