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TECH Dozens -- Week Ending Saturday 4/16/16

Last update: Sunday 4/17/16 @ 2:30 pm
This week's cover = graphic from tweet about Facebook's F8 2016 developer conference ... Other top stories = machine learning and bots ... Microsoft sues U.S. over "unconstitutional" cloud searches  ... and Facebook promises not to influence voters 

The Digital Learning Lab's favorite tweets about how HBCUs and other organizations are promoting skills that yield more diverse employment opportunities and more diverse entrepreneurial opportunities in information technology (#DiversityInTech) ... plus tweets about significant innovations in Ed Tech and Info Tech ... Big news, interesting stories, insightful comments, and good reads ... for the week ending Saturday 4/16/16.

A. HBCUs | B. Ed Tech | C. Info Tech | D. Hackers | E. Views  ... 

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Cover Story ... Facebook's F8 2016 ++++++++++++ 

  1. Mark Zuckerberg explained all the wild things Facebook is doing in one sentence
  1. Everything you need to know about Facebook's F8 event today ... DLL Editor's note -- Overviews of the opening day of F8 were also provided by TechCrunch, Mashable, Bloomberg, VentureBeat
  1. Facebook's Messenger bots are a compelling alternative to apps ... DLL Editor's note -- Messenger's bots were also covered by Mashable, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Fast Company, VentureBeat, ZDNet
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A. HBCUs ... Dozen + 7
  1. President Barack Obama to deliver Howard University 2016 Commencement Address
  1. RT Wesley hosts 10th annual Delaware Space Grant Research Symposium: In Del...
  1. 2016 Top Supporters of HBCU Engineering Announced
  1. Cromwell Elementary students are enjoying science expo Day at LOC. Activities and workshops all day.
  1. Contrary to popular practice here in SV, I get SUPER excited when during an interview I discover the candidate is an grad.
  1. Ajene Johnson explains his research project to Psy professor Elizabeth Hammer at the Festival of Scholars event.
  1. Mass Comm students present research poster 2016 Festival of Scholars w/
  2. This week has been monumental for !
  3. U.S. Attorney General Loretta E. Lynch to deliver 2016 Spelman Commencement address.
  1. Apply or Share... Research Manager - Grounded Solutions Network - CA: GroundedSolutions.orgWho we are:Gro... ... JOBs
  2. Apply or Share... Technology Architect - US - InfoSys - CA: Infosys- DNAMFG - Technology Architect - US -... ... JOBs
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Grants, awards, contracts, donations ... 

B. Ed Tech ... Dozen + 4
  1. 's report on college completion goal.  ... DLL Editor's note -- Lumina's report can be found HERE
  1. News: Minnesota goes after for-profit college accreditor's authority
  1. Israeli Scholar Advocates for Class-based Affirmative Action:
  1. Coverage of the US Faculty Survey Do Libraries Still Matter?
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Adaptive/Personalized Learning ... 

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MOOCs, online, blended, flipped ...
  1. grant recipients discuss how to get liberal arts students excited about online learning
  1. OLC received a $2.5M used to kickoff our . Now accepting submissions:
  1. George Washington U alumni sue university over quality of online program
C. Info Tech ... Issues in the broader technical environment that impact teaching, learning, research, hackers, and entrepreneurs ... Dozen + 5
  1. Stephen Hawking and a Russian billionaire want to build an interstellar starship: ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Business Insider, Wall Street Journal, PC Magazine
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

  1. We just got great news about wage growth in America
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The Cloud ...

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Self-driving vehicles ...

  1.  Fleet of self-driving trucks completes journey across Europe
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Artificial Intelligence, neural nets, deep learning, bots, robotics ...

Top Story #1 ... Machine learning and bots  +++++++++

  1. Google has given its open-source machine learning software Tensorflow a big upgrade ?More
  1. Bots need to learn some manners, and it’s on us to teach them
  1. Ethics and Artificial Intelligence: The Moral Compass of a Machine
  1. Programmers are going crazy for free Google software that creates self-learning computers
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Cybersecurity, privacy, & cybercrime ...

Top Story #2 ... Microsoft sues U.S. +++++++++

  1. Microsoft sues the U.S. over orders banning it from revealing government surveillance    ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered byComputerworld, ExtremeTech, Fast Company, Gizmodo, Wall Street Journal, The Verge, TechCrunch, Engadget
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Top Story #3 ... Facebook won't influence voters +++++++++

  1. Facebook says it won't mess with voters' minds   ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Gizmodo, Business Insider ... A related story about Google was covered by Wired
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  1. Apple says FBI has not 'exhausted' options to access data on New York iPhone () ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Ars Technica, VentureBeat, TechCrunch, Engadget, The Verge
D. Hackers ... Dozen + 8
  1. In love w/ all the diff expressions of joy + wonder in this pic from our wrkshop at this Sat
  1. Great to see Kimberly Bryant today at & chat about more together!
  1. At black technologist meetup looking at presentation - looks like a perfect fit for the hub   
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Diversity In Tech ... stats & strategies
  1. On , the Presidential Innovation Fellows are asking developers to
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Founders and techs
  1. 100 portraits that tell the stories of people underrepresented in tech:
  1. GM Design Chief Ed Welburn To Retire July 1
  1. Tiffany Davis is the perfect blend of and Rocket Science
  1. . aka the LinkedIn of diversity hiring, winning over fans including this NBA legend:
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Coding & Coders
  1. Grief and triumph at a medieval robot battle for high schoolers (PHOTOS)
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Hackathons, workshops, meetups, courses, etc
E. Tech Views -- Comments, opinions, and long forms ... Dozen + 9
  1. Jeff Selingo Gives Students a Blueprint for Life After College:

  1. Messenger's chabots still need time to grow up
  1. What Google’s DeepMind victory really means
  1. The folks we spoke to at Facebook's conference this week had 5 complaints about its big plan
  1. Should the FBI Use Hackers to Hack Phones? >
  1. Is Online Tutoring the Future of Personalized Learning?
Long form ... good reads ... :-)

  1. The politics of diversity in tech, 2016 – the black perspective -
  1. Inside Google’s plan to make VR amazing for absolutely everyone
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... plus chuckles and/or absurdities ... 
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