Saturday, October 05, 2013

The Other 91 Percent ... Again

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About a year ago, I posted a note on this blog that asked the question, "But what about the other 91 percent???"

I asked this question because of my deepening concern that HBCUs only enrolled 9 percent of black American college students. So how were the other 91 percent doing in the nation's non-HBCU's?

Unfortunately, not very well. To be sure the Talented Tenth were doing quite well in the nation's top 200 colleges and universities; but gaps in the GPAs, retention rates, and graduation rates between the masses of black students who attended the thousands of other accredited U.S. institutions of higher learning and the white students at these institutions was wide and persistent. Dr. DuBois might have been pleased by the stellar performance of the black elite at the elite 200; but Mr. Booker T. Washington would have been understandably disturbed by the failure of the vast majority of U.S. colleges and universities to provide more effective learning environments for the vast majority of America's black  college students ... as was I ... as I still am.

So one year later, I am asking  the same question, "What about the other 91 percent???"

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