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Directory of Potential Strategic MOOC Partners for HBCUs and Virtual HBCUs

Last updated: Saturday 12/7/13 @ 11:22 am
HBCUs and strategic alliances of HBCUs ("virtual HBCUs") can engage online service providers as strategic partners to help them launch massive open online courses, a/k/a MOOCs. A list of some of the nation's most prominent providers of support services for MOOCs that have been engaged by HBCUs and non-HBCUs as strategic partners appears in Table 1 (below). 

Table 1. Prominent Providers of MOOC Support Services
Online Service Provider
Open Source Platform
HBCU Partners
Some Other Partners
Semester Online 2U Semester Online = alliance of universities that offer courses for each other's students and for outsiders … coortinated by for-profit 2U a/k/a 2tor Boston College, Brandeis, Emory,  Northwestern,  Chapel Hill, Notre Dame, Wake Forest. and Washington U in St. Louis
Class2Go Stanford University free, open source announcement Stanford, UC Berkeley, and U of Queensland are contributing to development of edX open source platform
Coursera For-profit provider Coursera partners with over 95 colleges & universities Brown, UC Irvine, UC San Francisco, UC San Diego, Case Western, Columbia, Rice, Rutgers, Duke, Stanford, Penn State, UVa, Johns Hopkins, Vanderbuilt, Yale, CalTech, Georgia Tech
Coursesites  Blackboard MOOC platform available to Blackboard clients at no extra cost Kent State, Florida International, Stevenson, UMass Boston, Colorado State, Temple, Pace, Syracuse
edX free, open source announcement the edX Consortium has 30 members … Stanford, UC Berkeley, and U of Queensland are contributing to development of edX open source platform Harvard, MIT, UC Berkeley, Georgetown, Wellesley, Boston U, Cornell Google free, open source Google will help develop the edX open platform and make it available via the site ... a YouTube for MOOCs???
Canvas Instructure Like Blackboard, Canvas LMS enables instructors to launch MOOC courses
Khan Academy Non-profit provider. "Godfather" of most MOOCsj … supported by Gates & other foundations … modules useful for college remedial courses
NovoEd for-profit provider NovoEd develops MOOC using lecture videos from Stanford professors + extensive student social interaction and collaboration
OpenMOOC Open source platform OpenMOOC enables invidual instructors to launch MOOC courses
Udacity For-profit provider Udacity partners with colleges & Universities and with corporate training operations Morgan State University San Jose State University, Georgia Tech ... also some tech skills & workforce companies (AutoDesk, Wolfram, MIcrosoft, NVIDIA, Google, Cadence)
Udemy For-profit provider Udemy enables invidual instructors to launch MOOC courses

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