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"TECH Dozens" -- HBCUs' Sunday Magazine -- Week Ending 6/28/14

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Cover = photo of Dr. Abdulalim A. Shabazz from a tweet that mourned his passing this week. He was the HBCU community's long-time master teacher of mathematics  ...

... other top stories include the U.S. Supreme Court's decision to require warrants for searching cell phones ... imminent failure of (for-profit) Corinthian Corp ... release of the 2013 Babson survey of U.S. online education .. and Google's I/O rollout

Below find links to the Digital Learning Lab's "Dozens" of favorite news items about HBCUs' use of technology to enhance their teaching, research, and community services ... plus news about hackathons and related issues ... in HBCU media and Tech media ... for the week ending Saturday 6/28/14 @ 12:00 noon ... in chronological order from latest to earliest ... Links to previous editions of the Dozens can be found here ==> Back issues ... Back issues can be searched for old tweets.

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A. HBCU Media ... Dozen
  1. Retweeted by Greg Carr

    DLL Editor's note: In this 1991 interview Dr. Shabazz provided a comprehensive, but succinct summary of his goals and achievements as a teacher and mentor of mathematics for black students. Recently the HBCU community mourned the passing of Dr. Maya Anjelou with extensive memorials, as it should have because she was a master teacher of the humanities who inspired so many of us.  But why was the passing of Dr. Shabazz, a master teacher of the most fundamental component of STEM, given so little notice ???????
B. Educational Technology ... Half Dozen

C. General Technology ... Issues in the broader technical environment that impact teaching, learning, research, hackers, and entrepreneurs ... Half Dozen
D. Hackers, Entrepreneurs, & Supporters ... Half Dozen 
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E. Tech Calendar ... Quarter Dozen
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