Saturday, June 07, 2014

Hackathons -- BlackGirlsCode.Com -- Brooklyn and Oakland -- Saturday 6/7/14

Last update: Tuesday 6/10/14 @ 11:23 pm
On Saturday 6/7/14 and Sunday 6/8/14 Black Girls Code sponsored hackathons called "Love is Respect" in Brooklyn, NY and in Oakland CA. Details can also be found on the HBCU Tech calendar. From time to time, some of the organizers and mentors shared their reactions to what was happening via Twitter 

The DLL used Storify to organize the tweets that mentioned the Twitter handle @BlackGirlsCode in chronological order. An initial effort to manually separate the tweets into those primarily reflecting what was happening in Brooklyn vs. tweets primarily reflecting events in Oakland proved to be unsatisfactory because the organizers, mentors, and observers interacted with each other frequently and productively -- just as the hackathon organizers hoped they would ...  :-)

As of Tuesday 6/10/14 @ 2:00 pm, 

The following tweets link to posts on other sites that were composed after Day #2 of the hackathons was completed. These posts provide some context for the Storifys, specifically: the purpose of the hackathons, their overall strategy, and their immediate outcomes:

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