Thursday, October 16, 2014

DLL Storify of Silicon Harlem's 2014 Technology Conference ... Plus Post-Conference Acknowledgements

Last update: Monday 10/20/14 @ 1:49 pm
On Thursday 10/16/14 Silicon Harlem hosted its one day technology conference at My Image Studios in Harlem, New York City. The DLL used Storify to organize the tweets of attendees who used the hashtag #harlemtech. The Website's description of the conference provides a framework for the shifting focus of the wide ranging tweeted comments of the conference attendeesReaders are also encouraged to download the conference app for convenient access to a comprehensive program of the conference events ==> Click HERE 

... On Friday 10/17/14 the conference organizers tweeted extensive acknowledgements of the contributions from the conference speakers, sponsors, and others. These day-after, post-conference tweets, using hashtag #harlemtech, have been appended to the tweets from the conference events.

... On Monday 10/1914 the conference organizers tweeted a link to a page that hosts a video overview of the conference plus a preview of the agenda for the conference in 2015==> Click HERE

DLL Editor's apology -- The original draft for this note was a template that the I use for DLL Storifys of  all conferences and hackathons. The default number of conference days in the template = 3. Unfortunately, I repeatedly failed to notice that the text still stated that the SH conference lasted three days and to modify the text to correctly state that the SH tech conference was a one day event. I sincerely apologize to readers of this blog and to the hard working organizers of the SH conference for taking so long to correct this bug ... :-(

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