Friday, July 24, 2015

DLL Storify of Black Girls Code Hackathon in Brooklyn, NY -- Day 2 of 3 ... Saturday 7/25/15

Last update: Saturday 7/25/15 @ 6:25 pm
Day 1 -- Friday  | Day 2  -- Saturday Day 3  -- Sunday 

Hackathons sponsored by Black Girls CODE are community oriented "girls only" events for girls between the ages of 12 - 17 which allow them to participate in creating solutions to social issues within their communities while they build their skills, confidence, experience and have lots of fun! Girls attending BGC hackathons learn how to brainstorm as a team, research their ideas and design an app.  Experienced mentors work with teams over a weekend to build amazing mobile apps and digital tools.  At the end of the hackathon, teams will demo their solutions on stage, receiving feedback from judges and be eligible for prizes. 

BGC launched its second hackathon series -- called "Project Humanity" -- in 2015. Its theme emphasizes how girls can create positive change in our world by focusing on ecosystems, the earth, and social justice themes. Teams will build apps and solutions that solve problems in this space. Project Humanity is about creating a good and safe environment for both humans and the earth. The theme broadens the definition of environment to not just include the earth (water, plants, animals, etc.), but also the environments that we (humans) live in.

The Brooklyn hackathon, held at the NYU Polytechnic School of Engineering, began on Friday afternoon (12 pm to 6 pm), continued on Saturday (8 am to 6 pm ), and ended on Sunday (8 am to 6 pm). More information can be found on the hackathon's event page

Below find the DLL Storify of tweets that were generated by participants who used hashtags = #bgchackathon, #BGCProjectHumanity, @VolunteerBGCNY.  As usual, the DLL Storify is merely a "firehose" draft, i.e., it includes all tweets in chronological order without comment or classification ... Storyfies of other #DiversityInTech events are listed in the DLL Archives

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