Saturday, June 11, 2016

DLL Storify of @BlackGirlsCode DC Parent-Daughter Circuits and IoT Workshop -- Saturday 6/11/16

Last update: Saturday 6/11/16 
Sponsored by the DC Chapter of BlackGirlsCode (WebsiteFacebook), this workshop enabled participants and their parents to explore coding fundamentals, circuits, and Makey Makeys or littleBitsThese activities introduced them to the Internet of Things (IoT) -- a network of physical objects and devices that can be controlled with a series of sensors, electronics, and software used to control objects in the physical world. 

Tech Divas and their parent partners learned a little bit about circuits and got to jump into the making and designing together as a team in this introductory IoT class for girls ages 6-13 and their parents / guardians. More information can be found on the workshop's event page

Below find the DLL Storify of tweets that were generated by participants who used hashtags = @VolunteerBGCDC, @BlackGirlsCode, and #BGCDC. As usual, this DLL Storify is merely a "firehose" draft, i.e., it includes all tweets in chronological order  without comment or classification ... Storyfies of other #DiversityInTech events are listed in the DLL Archives

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