Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Readers note -- Completion of "HBCU Lists & Profiles, Version 1.0"

Last updated: Tuesday 4/29/14 @ 2:04 pm
Data entry for the dashboard for Version 1.0, i.e., the first five columns of the table of the revised HBCU Profiles, was completed today (4/29/14). This includes HBCU Names and links to Websites (col 1), state (col 2), type of HBCU (col 3), links to online programs, if any (col 4), and Twitter handles & hashtags (col 5).  Some Twitter handles could not be discovered ... yet, so we'll keep checking from time to time. Only a few hashtags have been entered, but more will be added as we become more confident as to which hashtags are really used by which HBCUs.

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