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"Weekly Dozens" Magazine -- Saturday 4/19/14

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Below find links to the Digital Learning Lab's "Dozens" of favorite academic news items posted by HBCU and other media on Twitter about HBCUs' teaching, research, and community service for the week ending Saturday 4/19/14 ... in chronological order from latest to earliest ... Links to previous editions of the Dozens can be found here ==> Back issues ... Note that back issues can be searched for old tweets.

A. News & Features ... Dozen
  1. Economist Receives Rock Star Treatment . Books matter. Ideas matter. Reading matters.

  2. Michelle Obama and Bow Wow tour Howard University: On Thursday, first lady Mi...

  3. RT DSU wins $1 million grant for returning students: A foundation has given...

  4. Claflin, Spelman Students Awarded Prestigious Truman Scholarship.

  5. FLOTUS to Give Dillard University's Commencement Speech: Not long after ...

  6. Diddy to Speak at Howard University’s Commencement Ceremony Despite Protest: ...

  7. Savannah State University Science Experiment Rockets into Space: Savannah St...

  8. FAMU Awarded $14 Million DHHS Grant for Health Science Research

  9. Harvard Admits Record Number of Black Students – What Does it Mean for HBCUs?

B. Black Hackers & Entrepreneurs ... Quarter Dozen ... Some useful reference links

  1. Retweeted by
    "Everyone," huh? Again, TV people, would it be so bad to put just one serious woman in a show about tech startups? :(

C. Comments & Opinions ... Half Dozen

  1. "Let's focus on 2-3 issues that everyone(HBCUs) can champion for the next 5-10 years...Start with STEM"--Karl Reid,

  2. Diddy is a successful businessman. Ambassador for Howard and HBCUs. Get over yourselves.

  3. 1 thing is for sure: The world will be watching, and there's nothing wrong with that. Can we make some magic?

  4. Every generation celebrates its iconic figures. I'm grateful I got to hear August Wilson and Harry Belafonte at Howard commencements.

  5. Southern University President Aims for Higher Standards - Higher Education

D. Some Important Upcoming Events ... Half Dozen 
  1. Tackle top IT issues in Baltimore, April 30-May 2. Will we see you there?

  2. No words can describe the feeling I had when I heard that was presenting me w/ an Honorary Doctorate degree!

  3. Spelman Hosts 10th Anniversary Women of Color Conference in May

  4. REMINDER: 2014 National Acccess, Diversity and Excellence Summit

E. HBCU History -- Black History ... Half Dozen
  1. LEST WE FORGET | Civil Rights Leader, Alabama State + Clark universities alumnus Rev. Ralph Abernathy |...

  2. LEST WE FORGET: alumnus Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. wrote "The Letter from Birmingham Jail" ...

  3. A rabbi, the "Bloody Sunday" march and liberation: In the chapel at Tougaloo College, I chanted the ...

  4. LEST WE FORGET | Labor + Civil Rights Leader, Cookman Institute alumnus A. Philip Randolph | | Born on...

  5. Civil rights divide is deep, 50 years later

F. Opportunities for Jobs, Internships, Scholarships, Fellowships, & Research ... Half Dozen  

  1. Looking for a new job? Walgreens is hiring executive, technical, and pharmaceutical positions – as well as health...

  2. NASA Internship: Paid Hands-on Experience for STEM Students

  3. Search through 200 HBCU Scholarship! RE-TWEET and Tell a friend

  4. alumni UPLOAD your resume on our job board to meet employers looking for diverse talent.

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