Thursday, September 25, 2014

Eventifier for Archiving/Curating Conferences, Workshops, etc

Last update: Sunday 9/28/14 @ 1:51 pm
There's a new app in town for archiving/curating events. It's called "Eventifier" and it might run Storify out of town real fast if it were a freebie; but it isn't. ... at this time ... Like Storify, free access is provided to the Webpages that @Eventifier generates that capture the tweets, photos, and Facebook Likes that are associated with an event. But after a limited trial period, the producers of each event must pay a monthly fee to keep the Webpages for their event on display.

To get an idea of how Eventifier works, consider the Eventifier Webpage for the Urban Tech Weekend conference in Houston TX (Septemter 2014) ==> HERE. As you will see, Eventifier provides an attractive user interface. The embed version, found below, is more compact.

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