Friday, June 19, 2015

The HBCU community mourns the Charlestown victims

Last update: Saturday 6/20/15
Below find some tweets from HBCUs, HBCU organizations, HBCU media, and HBCU notables that express sorrow, condolences, righteous anger, and prayers for the slain victims in Charlestown, SC.

HBCUs ...

HBCU organizations and media ... 
  1. Shooting victims included librarian and recent college grad: She cannot be ...
  1. We Speak Their Names | HBCU Alumni Killed in Charleston Massacre
  1. Through tears, Malcolm Graham remembers a ‘beautiful’ sister and a senseless death: She was the reg...
  2. Church shooting victims identified: Track coach and librarian among those k...
HBCU notables ... 
  1. Before Charleston’s Shooting, a Long History of Attacks Mother Emmanuel, a two century target of white supremacy.
  1. Slain Pastor Clementa Pinckney: The Church Is About Freedom via
  1. African Americans have faced domestic terrorism since their arrival in what became America!
  1.  Heartsick. New Ancestors, their love met with death. More African martyrs in this ongoing crime against humanity.
  2. What would our Ancestors do? What would Africans who fomented Vesey's rebellion do? What must we do to stop this war?
  3. This may have been the act of an individual, but the is the result of this country's structural hatred of Africans.
  4. To take the lives of more Africans, near the anniversary of the Vesey rebellion, at that church, at a prayer meeting.
  5. This was Denmark Vesey's church. A sacred space we Africans all visit in South Carolina. This is a test of our will.

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