Wednesday, October 14, 2015

HBCU-Levers ... Black-Levers ... TECH-Levers

Last update: Wednesday 10/14/15
DLL Editor's note 
As our few long-time readers know, this blog was launched with a focus on the efforts of Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) to leverage Internet technologies to enhance the quality of their teaching, research, and community service and thereby enhance their contributions to closing the Digital Divide. At that time HBCUs were still the only centers of sustained efforts to improve the quality of life for Black Americans through the application of these new technologies. 

However, a few years ago a grass roots movement suddenly erupted in cities across the nation from Oakland to Chicago to New York to Washington DC to Atlanta and beyond. This movement seeks to provide (a) opportunities for Black Americans, especially the youngest, to acquire the coding and computational thinking skills that have become mandatory for survival in a global economy driven by accelerating innovations in Internet technologies and (b) opportunities for Black Americans to become Internet entrepreneurs, i.e., to become producers as well as consumers of the new technologies. So to signal the expansion of the blog's focus to include these new centers, I changed its name a few weeks ago from "HBCU-Levers" to "Black-Levers" 

... but the new name wasn't really what I wanted ... I really wanted to name it "TECH Levers for Black Americans" ... which, of course, is way too long a title for a blog or any other kind of magazine. So today I am changing the name yet again for the (hopefully) last time to "TECH-Levers" ... :-) 

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