Saturday, October 24, 2015

DLL Storify of ChicagosNext (NFP) Hackathon October 2015 -- Saturday 10/24/14 and Sunday 10/25/15

Last update: Saturday 10/24/15
This is the second hackathon sponsored by ChicagosNext in 2015. The DLL Storify of the fist hackathon can be found HERE. ChicagosNext hackathons are non-profit technology events that bring together a diverse group of local, regional, national and international tech talent with an entrepreneurial spirit. 

The goal of these hackathons is to build the next app that creatively solve issues within the local neighborhood using Microsoft's Azure cloud platform and supporting Microsoft Technologies. Local Chicago community leaders (several other NFP education and community organizations) share their issues and struggles that could be solved with technology. 

This event was hosted by Blue1647 at its headquarters facility from 7 pm Saturday (10/24/15) until 7:30 Sunday (10/25/15). A full description of the hackathon and the goals of its organizers are described on the event pages.

Below find the DLL Storify of tweets that were generated by participants who used hashtags = @ChiNextHack, #ChiNextHack, and other hashtags that became prominent during the hackathon. As usual, this DLL Storify is merely a "firehose" draft, i.e., it includes tweets in chronological order without comment or classification ... Storyfies of other #DiversityInTech events are listed in the DLL Archives.

... Last update of Storify = Sunday 7:45 pm Central (8:45 pm Eastern) ...