Friday, January 01, 2016

TECH-Levers 2015

Last update: 1/1/16
This page provides links to all of TECH-Levers' end-of-year reviews of 2015. To be specific, it links to summaries of the blog's coverage of the most important developments in information technology and educational technology in 2015; it links to the blog's coverage of the most important efforts by HBCUs and community-based organizations to promote learning and career opportunities for Black Americans in STEM; it links to the efforts of these organizations to promote diversity in tech; and it links to insightful comments, opinions, long forms, and editorials related to these issues

A. Tech Dozens Weekly Magazine

B. Announcements by Historically Black Colleges and Universities 

D. DiversityInTech Conferences and Meetups

E. DiversityInTech -- Centers and Activists

F. Civic and Educational Hackathons

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