Monday, February 22, 2016

Major Centers for Blacks in Technology

Last update: Thursday 8/18/16

"... Forget Silicon Valley ..."

The words in quotes (above) were voiced in various tweets and retweets that were posted during Black Tech Week 2016 in Miami. They succinctly express a notion that I first posted on this blog in January 2015, "Black America Needs more Oaklands," and again in May 2015, "Diversity in Tech -- Silicon Valley vs. the rest of the U.S."

The present note provides links to a small, but growing number of brief descriptions that I have written about U.S. urban areas since then, areas that, in my opinion, already are or are in the process of becoming major centers for Blacks in technology. I will update these descriptions from time to time and, hopefully, will add more sketches as more centers emerge:

P.S. Wednesday 6/29/16 -- Last week Fast Company published an article that provided documentation for its assertion that:
  • "There's also more software development going on outside Silicon Valley than ever before, the research says. Almost nine out out of every ten developers now work outside the Valley. And four out of the five top-grossing app development companies are based outside the Valley."
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