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TECH Dozens -- Week Ending Saturday 2/13/16

Last update: Sunday 2/14/16 @ 12:30 pm
This week's cover = graphic from tweet about discovery of Einstein gravitational waves ... Other top stories = Justice Antonin Scalia in memoriam ... Zuckerberg apologizes for Andreessen comments after India bans Facebook Internet ... and #ProjectDiane reports underfunded Black female entrepreneurs 

The Digital Learning Lab's favorite tweets about how HBCUs and other organizations are promoting skills that yield more diverse employment opportunities and more diverse entrepreneurial opportunities in information technology (#DiversityInTech) ... plus tweets about significant innovations in Ed Tech and Info Tech ... Big news, interesting stories, insightful comments, and good reads ... for the week ending Saturday 2/13/16.

A. HBCUs | B. Ed Tech | C. Info Tech | D. Hackers | E. Views  ... 

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Cover Story ++++++++++++ 

  1. Einstein was right. Congrats to all who were a part of this amazing discovery! ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Endgadget, Extreme Tech, Wired, Business Insider, Re/code, Gizmodo, NY Times, Wall Street Journal
  1.  Infographic: the best visual explainer of the gravitational waves discovery yet ... DLL Editor's note -- The significance of this monumental discovery also discussed by Gizmodo, NY Times, and Dr. Neil deGrasse Tyson (video)
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A. HBCUs ... Dozen

  1. Groundbreaking PVAMU alumna Nathelyne Kennedy named Houston Engineer of the Year.
  1. Research Week fosters the research mission & celebrates Howard's research enterprise
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  1. Dr Claire Pomeroy gives AOA lecture at Morehouse School of Medicine's CurtisParker 28th student research
  1. Looking for tech talent in Austin? would love to talk to you about their students who will "be stars...a decade from now."
  1. The National Science Foundation ranked us in the top 30 US colleges whose grads go on to earn PhDs:
  1.  Lockheed Martin tours MCAR Cyber Security Forensics Lab with Dr. Graham and Dr. Williams.
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Grants, awards, contracts, donations, honors ... 

  1. Morehouse School of Medicine and Mercer University to receive $70 million investment from the state....
  1. Howard professor of Electrical Engineering named an IEEE Fellow
  1. MSU receives first-ever full patent for new technology in treatment: .
B. Ed Tech ... Dozen + 3
  1. Black Students Choosing Low-paying Majors: by  ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Bloomberg
  1. Virtual reality is ready for the classroom. Whether teachers are ready for VR is less clear
  1. 7 Things You Should Know About The 2016 Key Issues in Teaching & Learning:
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

  1.  U of Phoenix owner Apollo sold for $1.1B to investors with Obama ties ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by the Chronicle
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  1.  '17 Obama budget a would-be bonanza for many in - but a nonstarter in Congress ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Education Dive

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Adaptive Learning ... 

  1.  Adaptive Learning’s Potential and Pitfalls
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MOOCs, online, blended ...
  1. Babson Group reflects on final report on online education enrollments ... DLL Editor's note -- The final Babson report was also covered by Campus Technology, Chronicle
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  1. Boom in Online Tutoring Means Another Cost for Many Students via
  1. MIT Expands Learning Science Research and Applications
  1. 8 for Better Technology-Enhanced Teaching
  1. Short and to the point, from our CEO!
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C. Info Tech ... Issues in the broader technical environment that impact teaching, learning, research, hackers, and entrepreneurs ... Dozen + 1

Top Story #1 ... Justice Scalia +++++++++++

  1. Justice Antonin Scalia leaves a big hole in the bench he occupied for almost three decades ... DLL Editor's note -- Just Scalia's passing was also noted by NY Times, The Hill, National Journal, Salon, Politico, Atlantic, Re/code, Fast Company, CNET
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Top Story #2 ... No free Internet & Zuckerberg's apology +++++++++++

  1. NASA releases even more of its fantastical space tourism posters ... DLL Editor's note -- More NASA "posters" were posted by The Verge, Engadget, Gizmodo, PC Magazine

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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

  1. Google has the best-paid CEO in the US ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by The Verge, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Mashable
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  1. Twitter's Monthly User Count Actually Shrunk If You Exclude SMS by ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Fast Company, Bloomberg, NY Times, VentureBeat, Engadget, ZDNet
  1. Opera accepts $1.2 billion offer from Chinese firms ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Computerworld
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Drones ...

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Self-driving vehicles ...

  1. Feds: Google's Self-Driving Car Tech Qualifies as a 'Driver': ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Wired, Business Insider
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Virtual/augmented reality ...

  1. Beyond cardboard: Google is developing a more advanced virtual-reality headset. ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Extreme Tech, Ars Technica, The Verge
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Artificial Intelligence, robotics ...
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Cybersecurity, privacy, & cybercrime ...

  1. Obama asks Congress for $19 billion to stop hacks ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Wired, Ars Technica, Fast Company, NY Times
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  1. Cybersecurity experts question U of California's handling of network monitoring controversy
D. Hackers ... Dozen + 6
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Diversity In Tech ... stats & strategies

Top Story #3 ... #ProjectDiane ++++++++++++
  1. . founder explains the Report that was released today: ... DLL Editor's note -- Project Diane discussed by Wired, Inc, Fast Company ... and digitalundivided's #ProjectDiane
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  1. Troy Carter: Tech should train minority talent like NBA players and start you...
  1. Accenture Publishes Workforce Statistics as Diversity Movement Pushes Beyond the Core of Silicon Valley
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Founders and techs

  1. Monique Woodard joins 500 Startups as first black venture partner
  1. KATHERINE G. JOHNSON: Langley's Black Mathematicians: via
  1. Super Soaker Entrepreneur Fought for $72.9 Million in Hasbro Royalties:...
  1. Tech startup 'Jopwell' raises $3.25 Million with the help of Magic Johnson
  1. Announcing a Powerful New Partnership in Tech: & Google For Entrepreneurs via   ... DLL Editor's note -- This announcement was also covered by USA Today
  1. . shares how his startup breaks down barriers for investing:
  1. Lilia Abron 1st blk woman PhD in chemical engineering, founded PEER Consultants
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Coding & Coders

  1. In 22 states, computer science still can't count toward high school graduation
  1. Apply or Share... PeopleSoft Developer - Accenture - Springfield, VA: Organization: Accenture ...   ... DLL Editor's note -- Yes, contrary to popular rumor, large corporations outside Silicon Valley hire Black software developers ... :-)
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Hackathons, workshops, meetups, courses, etc

  1. A throwback to sxsw15 Jesse Jackson and Van Jones
    E. Tech Views -- Comments, opinions, and long forms ... Dozen + 1 + :-)
    1.  Via : Beyonce's 'Formation' Is A Visual Anthem
    1. Obama’s big plan for water innovation in the US could change everything
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    1. Why you should be concerned about the Cybersecurity Information Sharing Act
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    1. President Obama proposed a ton of funding for computer science. Here's what that means.
    1. Online or in-class education: key question - “which one works better for me?”

    1. says "We're all Africans" in response to . So no "Mad Max" nomination for is a Black snub too?
    1.  Who will own the virtual reality interface?
    1. Some advice from : "I often talk to people who want to start startups in their late 20s & 30s, but can’t.."
    1. Here's why Sanders is taking it easy on Clinton — via
    1. 3 ways that the blockchain will change the real estate market
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    Long form ... good reads ... :-)
    1. How Right-Wing Billionaires Infiltrated Higher Education via
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    ... plus chuckles and/or absurdities ... :-) 
    1. Who said it: Deadpool or "Veep’s" Selina Meyer?

    1. I mean, yes, he was bad but this wake is in poor taste.
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    ... plus Twitter parody account ... :-) 
    1. I'm in a tough situation, because I don't want my wife to remarry but I do want someone supervising her reproductive choices.
    2. The founders were clear in their omissions, 2nd amendment rights do not expire at death. Don't let Obama dig me up and take my casket guns.
    3. As a true originalist I chose to follow the Founders' example and die early. I can only hope I made life slightly harder for the rest of you
    1. I disagree with the movement, not because of race, but because I disagree with the notion that any lives matter.
    2. Look all I'm saying is maybe black students would be better off at schools that are separate, but you know, equal.
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