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TECH Dozens -- Week Ending Saturday 3/26/16

Last update: Sunday 3/27/16 @ 12:30 pm
This week's cover = graphic from tweet that FBI uses Israeli company to unlock San Bernadino iPhone ... Other top stories = Google offers machine learning in its cloud ... R.I.P. Andy Grove, former Intel CEO  ... and Microsoft AI system learns racism on Twitter

The Digital Learning Lab's favorite tweets about how HBCUs and other organizations are promoting skills that yield more diverse employment opportunities and more diverse entrepreneurial opportunities in information technology (#DiversityInTech) ... plus tweets about significant innovations in Ed Tech and Info Tech ... Big news, interesting stories, insightful comments, and good reads ... for the week ending Saturday 3/26/16.

A. HBCUs | B. Ed Tech | C. Info Tech | D. Hackers | E. Views  ... 

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Cover Story ... FBI uses Israeli company ++++++++

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A. HBCUs ... Dozen + 1

  1. Dty PE Dr. Grant giving a prgm overview @ the Infusion Road Tour
  1. SU’s youngest grad focused on STEM options and more for future | Southern University and A&M College
  1. Computer Science major studies cybersecurity issues at
  1. WSSU Dean Working to Diversify Field of Health Sciences
  1. talks to students about their research at today's event
  1. What are you doing for the summer? How about a ? Deadline to apply ends 4/17.
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Grants, awards, contracts, donations ... 
B. Ed Tech ... Dozen + 1
  1. Grad gap widens btwn black & white students at public colleges despite gains ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Diverse Issues
  1. If we could track acquistions data across libraries what might we learn? demonstrates the possibilities
  1. 's early warning system aims to boost 4 yr graduation rate
  1. A new credentialing initiative called the University Learning Store aims to document leaners' skills for workplace:
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

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MOOCs, online, blended, flipped ...
  1. Groups seek to become quality reviewers of boot camps, online courses, etc.
  1. state authorization reciprocity effort faces opposition from critics
C. Info Tech ... Issues in the broader technical environment that impact teaching, learning, research, hackers, and entrepreneurs ... Dozen + 6

Top Story #1 ... Machine Learning in Google's cloud +++++++
  1. Here's Google's new strategy to catch up in the cloud. by ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Computerworld, Bloomberg, Wired, Business Insider, NY Times, TechCrunch, VentureBeat

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Top Story #2 ... R.I.P. Andy Grove +++++++++++

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  1. Full coverage from the ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Wall Street Journal, Fast Company, VentureBeat, Wired, NY Times
  1. BBC Micro Bit and Raspberry Pi Zero: How do they compare? via &
  1. Scientists have shattered the limits of fiber optic technology
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

  1. Netflix admits to throttling video quality for Verizon and AT&T users ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by TechCrunch
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Virtual/augmented reality ...

  1. HoloLens TED Talk shows what augmented reality can do
  1. How Microsoft's HoloLens could change communication via 'Holoportation' by
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Artificial Intelligence, robotics ...
  1.  Get an up-close look at Liam: Apple's massive robot that takes apart old iPhones ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by VentureBeat, The Verge, Co.Design
  1. 10 times humans have competed against machines (cc: vs. )
  1. This robot can explore the deep seas for half a year at a time
  1. UK looks at impact of AI and robotics on jobs and society by
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Cybersecurity, privacy, & cybercrime ...

D. Hackers ... Dozen + 7

Top Story #3 ... MSFT AI learns racism on Twitter ++++++++

  1. Microsoft to adjust its new A.I. bot after Twitter users teach it racism ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Wall Street Journal, Gizmodo, ExtremeTech, Business Insider, Bloomberg, NY Times, The Verge
  1.  Microsoft apologizes for its tweetbot experiment gone wrong ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by TechCrunch
  1. . shows what it learned from its Tay AI's racist tirade
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NSBE 42 Convention ... 
  1. Excited to welcome Convention to Boston. I hope all are encouraged about the future of STEM skill-building.   and 
  1.  Incredible career fair at . Engineers of today & tomorrow!
  1. Thank you for striking positive impact ⚡️⚡️⚡️ and for hosting us from and ! (and tx )
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Diversity In Tech ... stats & strategies
  1. Intel and IBM Set the Diversity Example for Technology, and For Us All
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Founders and techs
  1. Student founders build Bae, an app for Black singles
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Coding & Coders
  1. Developers Can Now Try Out Google's Machine-Learning Platform:
  1. Apple's Swift comes to Linux by
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Hackathons, workshops, meetups, courses, etc
  1. Check out some highlights from the Chicago workshop this past weekend
E. Tech Views -- Comments, opinions, and long forms ... 2 Dozen - 2
  1. Microsoft's new rallying cry: Cloud first, Windows second? via &
  1. Could China buy America’s top universities?
  1. 13 possible ideas from ‘Under New Management’ (essay)
  1. A prominent climate scientist's apocalyptic future may be mere decades away:

  1. Two former college presidents discuss new book on 's problems, real and imagined
  1. The most important work of I've read in 10 years (essay)
  1. Making Sense of Metadata in Personalized Learning Platforms:
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Long form ... good reads ... :-)
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.. plus chuckles and/or absurdities ... 
  1. 23 hours ago Online learning basics.
  1.  The New Yorker's latest cover hilariously skewers Donald Trump's hands
  1. Trump might win the nomination, but Cruz won the GOP establishment — via
  1. Met Superman a few years ago at the Hayden Planetarium. I helped him find Krypton. A very nice man.
  1. Watch Whoopi Goldberg ask Ben Carson why he endorsed Donald Trump ... Like Blavity for more videos!
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