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TECH Dozens -- Week Ending Saturday 5/14/16

Last update: Sunday 5/15/16 @ 2:30 pm
This week's cover = graphic from tweet that Facebook's Trending Topics may reflect bias of human editors ... Other top stories = Viv offers successor to Siri ... Hyperloop One passes first public test ... and Apple invests $1 billion in Didi, Uber's main competition in China

The Digital Learning Lab's favorite tweets about how HBCUs and other organizations are promoting skills that yield more diverse employment opportunities and more diverse entrepreneurial opportunities in information technology (#DiversityInTech) ... plus tweets about significant innovations in Ed Tech and Info Tech ... Big news, interesting stories, insightful comments, and good reads ... for the week ending Saturday 5/14/16. 

A. HBCUS | B. Ed Tech | C. Info Tech | D. Hackers | E. Views  ... 

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Cover Story ... Facebook's Trending Topics++++++++++++ 

  1. Leaked documents show editors, not algorithms, decide ’s Trending Topics ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by The Guardian, NY Times, Business Insider, Engadget, The Verge, CNET, Mashable, PC Magazine, Wired, Vox Technology
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... DLL Editor's note -- Most HBCUs were focused on pre-commencement, commencement, and post-commencement activities this week ...
  1. researchers celebrated students at the 1st Students to Scientists poster session:
  1. Our heartfelt thanks to for her inspiring speech to the !
  1. Read the entire, full remarks by during today's Commencement here:
  1. shared collaboration lessons at 's Fine Arts College of Arts & Sciences graduation. ... DLL Editor's note -- Mr. Welburn, a Howard alum, retired from General Motors in April 2016. He was GM's VP for Global Design, i.e., the highest ranking Black executive of a major U.S. automotive firm.
  1. SU receives $60,000 from Nissan North America Inc. to help support STEM programs in CSET
B. Ed Tech ... Dozen + 3
  1. Florida State making great strides retaining & graduating all students
  1. New report: U.S. slightly off pace to reach 90% on-time graduation rate by 2020.
  1. Introduction of Student-Centric Factors Central to Ranking Relevance
  1. Start-up sees as info overload cure for researchers and publishers
  1. Allowing devices in the classroom hurts performance, study finds
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

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Competency-Based Education (CBE) ...

  1. The latest on microcredentials, competency-based ed and the workforce:
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MOOCs, online, blended, flipped ...
C. Info Tech ... Issues in the broader technical environment that impact teaching, learning, research, hackers, and entrepreneurs ... Dozen + 2

Top Story #2 ... Hyperloop One ++++++++++
  1. Watch the Hyperloop's first public test, but try not to blink or you'll miss it   ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Wired, Gizmodo, Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, Forbes ... and a tutorial on the physics of this innovation by Gizmodo
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Top Story #3 ...  Apple 'n Didi ++++++++++++

  1. Apple invests in Uber's Chinese rival  ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered and analyzed by Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, Wired, Fast Company, Re/code, Business Insider, The Verge
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  1. Amazon takes on YouTube with launch of Amazon Video Direct  ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by The Verge
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$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$$ ...

  1. Amazon Web Services just scored a big deal with $50 billion Salesforce ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Wall Street Journal

  1. Here is the technology at the heart of the $9 billion legal war between Oracle and Google  ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by VentureBeat
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Artificial Intelligence, neural nets, deep learning, bots, robotics ...

Top Story #1 ...  Viv successor to Siri +++++++++++

  1. Apple released a Siri ad on the same day Siri creators debuted their better-than-Siri AI ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Business Insider, Engadget, TechCrunch, The Verge, Fortune, Mashable, Fast Company, Computerworld ... and Viv
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  1. Google's Parsey McParseface (Yep) Will Help AI Understand English:   ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by VentureBeat, The Verge, Wall Street Journal, Wired

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Statistical learning, machine learning, data science, big data, etc
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Cybersecurity, privacy, & cybercrime ...

  1. Congress warned about cybersecurity after attempted ransomware attack on House   ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Gizmodo
  1. Senators are tying to stop the Supreme Court's bullshit new hacking rule
  1. James Comey is disappointed WhatsApp added end to end encryption
D. Hackers ... Dozen + 7
  1. View some of our after school students learning some Graphic Design & building projects!
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Diversity In Tech ... stats & strategies
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Founders and techs
  1. Behold․ai launches artificially intelligent medical software to find abnor... by
  1. AlexaSite wins the Disrupt NY 2016 Hackathon grand prize!
  1. Christopher Gray won $1.3M in scholarships, his app helps others do the same:
  1. Check out the latest podcast w/ Onyi Nwosu Dir. of QA Engineeing at Sesame Workshop
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Coding & Coders
  1. is hard but anyone can master these with some dedication.
  1. JavaScript Conquered the Web. Now It’s Taking Over the Desktop | WIRED
E. Tech Views -- Comments, opinions, and long forms ... Dozen + 7
  1. Microsoft is in bad shape — but it could have been much worse — via
  1.  Essay on how to create a direct-assessment degree program
Long form ... good reads ... :-)
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... plus chuckles and/or absurdities ... 
  1. Trump's campaign co-chair describes higher education policies being developed
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