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TECH Dozens Top Stories -- Q3 Jul, Aug, Sep 2015

Last update: Sunday 12/27/15
Below find tweets that link to the DLL's most important news stories during 2015, i.e., the cover stories and the two or three other top stories in each week's issue of the DLL's TECH Dozens magazine

TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 7/4/15

This week's cover = graphic from tweet that Apple Music arrives with iOS 8.4 ... Other top stories = PowerMovesNOLA 2015 Conference ... Google algorithm tags black people as gorillas in photos ...   and Microsoft gives maps to Uber


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 7/11/15

This week's cover Epic hack of federal personnel records by Chinese

... Other top stories = Hack of the Hacking Team  ... 
Cyber-glitches bring down NY Stock Exchange, Wall Street Journal, & United Airlines ... CEO Ellen Pao forced out of Reddit


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 7/18/15

This week's cover = graphic from tweet that Google's stock soars in biggest one-day rally ever
... Other top stories = NASA's fly-by of Pluto and Charon  ... Closing the Digital Divide (again) ... and more fallout from hack of Hacking Team 


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 7/25/15

This week's cover = photo from tweet that Microsoft reports biggest quarterly loss ever 

... Other top stories = R.I.P for Dr. Cooper, Director White House HBCU Initiative ... FCC approves AT&T-Direct TV merger ... and Profit boosts Amazon shares


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending Saturday 8/1/15

This week's cover = graphic from tweet that Windows 10 is finally here .
.. Other top stories = Facebook's revenue from mobile ... Android's security hole ... and Black tech billionaire


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 8/8/15

This week's cover = photo from tweet about White House Demo Day ... Other top stories =  IBM buys Merge for $1 billion, combining Watson AI  with medical imaging ... Microsoft will replace PowerPoint with Sway  ... and Black Hat 2015 cyber security conference


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 8/22/15

 This week's cover = photo from tweet about the passing of Julian Bond, Giant of Activism and Education

... Other top stories = Google's wi-fi router ... Twitter's stock drops to IPO level ... and Ashley Madison's exposed secrets


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 8/29/15 

This week's cover = photo from tweet that 1 out of 7 humans logged onto Facebook 

... Other top stories = Pentagon, Apple, & Boeing partner for wearable gear -- Uber hires hackers --and Twitter's diversity goals


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 9/5/15

This week's cover = photo from tweet about the BB-8 Toy Droid

 ... Other top stories = Facebook's education software ... Google's new logo ... and the Toyota-M.I.T.-Stanford self-driving car


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 9/12/15

This week's cover = photo/graphic from tweet about Apple's announcements about iPad Pro, Apple TV, iPhone 6, etc, etc, etc 
... Other top stories = Google's Android Pay ... and Tech Inclusion 2015 Conference


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 9/19/15

 College Scorecard
This week's cover = photo/graphic from tweet about Obama's college scorecard

... Other top stories = Microsoft builds an MS Linux OS  ... Texas teen arrested for building a digital clock ... and NYC Mayor requires computer science in all schools


TECH Dozens -- Week Ending 9/26/15

This week's cover = poster from tweet about the 2015 National HBCU Week Conference 

... Other top stories = MOOCs can enhance career options ... Facebook's 360 degrees Star Wars clips ... and Samsung's Oculus Rift Gear VR for $99

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