Thursday, December 24, 2015

TECH Dozens Best Views 2015

Last update: Friday 12/25/15
Below find tweets that link to the DLL Editor's choice of the best views from TECH Dozens magazine in 2015 -- commentsopinions, and long forms worth reading again and again in the new year.

A. Comments -- 0.5 Dozens
  1. "What if a company culture is not attractive to diverse candidates?" Solution: Ask your current diverse employees. If you have any!
  1. One day you'll tell your kids about when the Internet was unencrypted…or when encryption was legal. I'm not sure which way it's going yet.

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B. Op Eds -- 1.5 Dozens
  1. “Not your typical tech event: what we learned at the Tech Inclusion conference” by   ... DLL Editor's note -- Coverage of this event also posted by Code Now
  1. Did Clayton Christensen get disruption wrong?
  1. I wanted to thank some people and offer some observations;   .... DLL Editor's note -- This op-ed is the latest installment of the cover story in last week's issue of Tech Dozens
  1. "But the social benefits of competency-based education go beyond using people’s time more efficiently"
  1. The brilliant responds to Justice Roberts' question about black physicists

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C. Long forms -- 2.5 Dozens
  1. A broader look at the college match challenge, beyond low-income students & elite colleges
  1. Data, Technology, and the Great Unbundling of Higher Education
  1. Why non-gamers should be excited about virtual reality:
  1. Inside the Uber raid of Carnegie Mellon University's robotics lab.

  1. Legendary Productivity And The Fear Of Modern Programming by
  1. Reflections on 25 years of the Campus Computing Project:
  1. How big data is going to help feed nine billion people by 2050 by
  1. "Raising awareness isn't enough" to fight tech bias, says ... DLL Editor's note -- This links to a long video interview with Laura Weidman Powers, CEO of Code2040
  1.  How the 'PayPal Mafia' redefined success in Silicon Valley by
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  1. Engaging Alumni and Students Using Online Education Technology
  1. Good read: David Staley, "The Future of the University: Speculative Design for Innovation"
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