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"Weekly Dozens" Magazine -- Saturday 3/22/14

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Below find links to the Digital Learning Lab's "Dozens" of favorite academic news items posted by HBCU and other media on Twitter about HBCUs' teaching, research, and community service for the week ending Saturday 3/22/14 ... in chronological order from latest to earliest ... Links to previous editions of the Dozens can be found here ==> Back issues ... Note that back issues can be searched for old tweets.

A. News & Features ... Dozen
  1. Maryland Running Out of Bets to Place on Unlawful HBCU Neglect

  2. Can the Media Keep Up With Modern Black Families?: Carletta Perry moderates a...
  3. Howard Professor Awarded $200K Grant for Green Energy Development
  4. Bethune-Cookman Awarded $750K for Entrepreneurship Institute

  5. The 20 Year Review: 1993 & 2013 HBCU Endowments Then & Now

  7. FAMU Partners with BTNC to Launch Black Owned Cable News Network
  9. Today we announced our 2014 Top PCV-Producing HBCUs. Congratulations !

  10. HBCUs go online with open educational resources: “It’s an open invitation,” T...

  11. Radio One comes to Howard's aid with 4 million gift: Howard University, Washi...

  12. RT Air Force Grants $1.8 Million to Grambling State Researchers: Two Ind...

  13. Morris Brown and Atlanta may revive talks over selling property: Less than a year after Morris Brow...


B. Innovations & Entrepreneurs ... Half Dozen
  2. Gather in Silicon Valley for Innovation, Entrepreneurship Symposium -
  4. We're currently looking for programmers to participate in our on March 29/30th. Email for deets

  6. Are you trying to solve a big urban problem? Apply to the Tumml accelerator and get $20k in seed funding. Due 4/13 >

  7. The HBCUpreneur Corner – Norfolk State University’s Ralph Newsome & New Level Investment, LLC
C. Comments and Opinions ... Half Dozen
  1. All students should write resumes in their freshman year so they can see how they grow and change over time.
  2. Community organizing 4 academic innovation ... as national leaders of oniline programs 4 black students
  3. Good economic agenda starts with women receiving equal pay for equal work--
  4. "The black community is no longer monolithic...we have a range of interests and concerns." Ms. Sheila Johnson
  5. Help wanted: We need prominent HBCU alums to convey to policy makers and philanthropists how their lives were transformed through education.
      Mar 17
  6. Be yourself! Everyone else is taken.

D. Opportunities for Jobs, Internships, Scholarships, Fellowships, Research ... Half Dozen 
  1. students and grads must know what your campus career center has to offer - Find yours here -
  2. Summer Jobs for College Students: 7 Ways to Get Paid >
  4. Niche job boards are where you should be job hunting. The Career Center is a niche job board accepting resumes.

  5. 3rd Annual list of my Favorite 100 internships students should be exploring now!

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