Friday, March 07, 2014

Twitter for the Twitterless ... :-)

Media list last updated: Friday 3/7/14 @ 10:16 am
Welcome to the HBCU news Twitterverse!!! This page enables readers who don't have Twitter accounts to read tweets from the HBCU media ... :-)

This page displays tweets from the most popular sources of all kinds of news about HBCUs, including (in no particular order) ==> HBCU Connect, HBCU Lifestyle, NAFEO, HBCU Buzz, White House Initiative on HBCUs, UNCF, HBCU Calendar, HBCU News, HBCU Digest, Diverse Issues, Marcia Robinson, Greg Carr, HBCU Money, Joint Center, and TMCF

... Please click an empty spot in the middle of the page, then scroll down, down, down for ALL the news ... and click your browser's "reload page" button from time to time to update the tweets displayed on this page ... :-)

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