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"Weekly Dozens" Magazine -- Saturday 3/29/14

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Below find links to the Digital Learning Lab's "Dozens" of favorite academic news items posted by HBCU and other media on Twitter about HBCUs' teaching, research, and community service for the week ending Saturday 3/29/14 ... in chronological order from latest to earliest ... Links to previous editions of the Dozens can be found here ==> Back issues ... Note that back issues can be searched for old tweets.

A. News, Events, & Features ... Dozen
  1. Is the Black Press Still Powerful?: Wilson suggests that the black press pick...

  2. Fueled By Rejection, Black Scholars Built College Language Association...

  3. Competency based learning isn't a panacea, but may be one answer (essay) | Inside Higher Ed


  5. Follow our 1st Summit on Educational Excellence in Atlanta, GA Mar 28th & 29th using the hashtag



  8. Maryland Running Out of Bets to Place on Unlawful HBCU Neglect: (via )
  9. LEST WE FORGET | Social Reformer + Rust College's Ida B. Wells died on this day in 1931 | | Who was...
  10. Nice piece, Intrusive Attention Key for Black Males in Higher Ed

  11. RT : 100,000+ Views | We just want to say "THANK YOU" , for making memories matter!

  12. Competency-Based Education: What the Board Needs to Know

B. Technology & Entrepreneurs ... Half Dozen


  3. Fasten your seatbelt. IT is in for an exciting year—read the Top-Ten IT Issues of 2014 now
  4. Captivating Startup Innovation: Ideas are Worthless Conference April 24 in Chicago via


C. Comments & Opinions ... Half Dozen
  1. Yesterday's Amiri Baraka Conference/Memorial at Howard reminds us that the Black Power Era didn't begin in the 1960s and never ended.


  3. RT : Every HBCU should offer a required course on community organizing and self-advocacy. Collaborative self advocacy is...

  4. TOMORROW is not promised to any of our institutions. Remind alumni to give TODAY.

  5. This society has never shown a commitment to educating masses of Black children. Rhetorical pledges of change don't move those who know.
  6. RT : Black women are a political powerhouse! In the past 2 Pres elections they led all demographic groups in voter turnout...
D. Opportunities for Jobs, Internships, Scholarships, Fellowships, & Research ... Half Dozen  
  1. BREAKING NEWS - Deadline 3/31/14. University of California Summer Institute for Emerging Leaders. Career building ...

  2. : Learn how to double, even triple, using . My free Webinar starting TODAY...

  3. Pre-Doctoral Fellowship Opportunities with SSA, Disability Research Consortium. Learn more here:

  4. Studying abroad could give you an edge in the job market: When you step out of that, you challenge ...

  5. Graduating this May? Your should be all about your job search. Tons of resources at

  6. NASA is offering PAID internships! Please follow the link below to learn more about this opportunity:

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