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HBCU Symposium in Silicon Valley #2 -- March 2014

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In the Fall 2013 some HBCUs met in Silicon Valley under the auspices of UNCF to spur innovation and entrepreneurship by HBCUs in the kinds of entrepreneurial development of innovations that have made Silicon Valley America's most important center of high technology since the early 1960s, from Intel to Apple to Google to Facebook. In March 2014 fifteen HBCUs are holding a second symposium in Silicon Valley to build on the success of their first get-together. The second is described in the following article in Diverse issues (3/20/14):
Fortunately, some of the participants (and Internet observers) at both symposiums shared their comments on Twitter using the hashtag #hbcuinnovation. The following tweets have been posted under this hashtag so far in the last two days. Let's hope that more participants who are physically attending will post lots more tweets for the benefit of that those of us who can't attend ... :-)
  1. Wrapping up Now to translate knowledge into campus outcomes.
  2. Final day at and . Had a wonderful experience here in Silicon Valley. Fresh ideas coming to !
  3. 15 HBCUs faculty and students creating plans of actions to take back to their institutions and pilot projects...

  4. Self reflection is a part of success. Kevin is not only a CEO, but also a client!
  5. Rather be hanging out at parents at 25 than at 40!
  6. Risk profile will never be greater than it is right now (when you are young).
  7. Students must feel like they have a chance of succeeding. Fail fast is not translating well.
  8. Embracing Failure as a part of Success is really important!!!
  9. NSF-funded I-CORE program changes lives and teaches continual learning!
  10. The smartest person with the best ideas without the right people= nonsense!
  11. Innovation can change the loves of the inventor and the people around the world!
  12. Faculty should latch on to innovative Students to drive change!!!

  13. Yessss to Hilary's s/o to Tulane's student changemakers at
  14. Lets channel Jerry Lemelson and his inventiveness.
  15. Lots of successful brothas and sistas giving inspiring talks here at and . Makes one very proud and optimistic.
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  17. Visited LinkedIn yesterday. Great day of presentations. Take home: have no credibility as an entrepreneur without failure
  18. So inspired by and proud of founder/CEO young Mr. Adrian Reed
  19. Speaking at HBCU symposium on leadership in creating innovation and entrepreneurship at universities and incubators
  20. George Cooper, Executive Director, White House Initiative for HBCUs discusses, "My Brother's Keeper"-
  21. program partnered w conference talking My Brother's Keeper
  22. "Excellence is not created in a day, it takes continued investment" George Cooper
  23. I love this quote used by alum John Lee in his talk: 'In God we trust..everyone else must bring data'
  24. "fail fast and fail often" how can we transform the culture of HBCUs to take risks.
  25. Part 2 of the summit. Lots of ideas and partnerships that will come out of this!
  26. Participating in the HBCU Innovation and Entrepreneurship Collaborative Symposium
  27. Morning Session. Why Innovation & Entrepreneurship?

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