Friday, September 18, 2015

Oakland as a major center for Blacks in technology

Last update: Sunday 9/20/15
Located in the northern shadow of Silicon Valley, Oakland is small city (391,000) that has a much smaller Black population (109,000). Nevertheless, in the last five years charismatic activists have transformed some of Oakland's grassroots organizations into national leaders in the provision of hands-on opportunities for learning coding and computational thinking skills, opportunities for the youth in Black communities throughout the nation -- from New York City to Philadelphia PA, to Washington DC, to Raleigh NC, to Memphis TN ... and the list keeps growing. Municipal governments, corporations, and foundations committed to diversifying the pipelines of information technology have endorsed the national ambitions of Oakland's expanding network by providing funds, staff, equipment, and other resources to support the network's hackathons, workshops, and other training activities.

Below find DLL's Storyfies of some of the Oakland network's #DiversityInTech events in Oakland during the last 15 months:
Below find Storyfies by the DLL and others of some of the Oakland network's activities in other cities during the last 15 months:
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