Thursday, September 17, 2015

New York City as a major center for Blacks in technology -- 2015

Last update: Sunday 5/8/16
The Big Apple has compelling competitive advantages with regards to its becoming the nation's most important center of information technology ==> a huge population, colossal wealth, local universities having high international reputations, and immense political power

Given these advantages, it's surprising that the nation's tech leadership has actually been centered thousands of miles westward on the other side of the continent in Silicon Valley for the last fifty years. Indeed it's all the more surprising that New York City did not assume early international leadership in revolutionary applications of information technology in finance, fashion, and entertainment -- its three most important industries.

But, the good news -- for an ex-New Yorker born and bred in the South Bronx like me -- is that the Knickerbocker giant has finally awakened. The better news -- for a Black ex-New Yorker like me -- is that New York's various Black communities have a conscious awareness of the tremendous advantages to be gained by their becoming active participants in the development of vigorous tech sectors in Gotham. And the best news is that the leadership clearly recognizes the advantages to be derived from leveraging New York's historic Black eminence in entertainment, most recently in Hip Hop, to future Black eminence in tech.

Below find links to Storyfies of some #DiversityInTech events in New York City by the DLL and others during the last 18 months:

Events in 2015 ...

Events in 2014 ...
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  1. NYC, trailing Silicon Valley in creating the Next Big Tech Thing, is aiming to change that:  ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Fast Company

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