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TECH Dozens -- Week Ending Saturday 8/1/15

Last update: Sunday 8/2/15 @ 11:05 am

This week's cover = graphic from tweet that Windows 10 is finally here ... Other top stories = Facebook's revenue from mobile ... Android's security hole ... and Black tech billionaire

The Digital Learning Lab's favorite tweets about how HBCUs are using information technology to enhance the effectiveness of their teaching, research, and community service ... plus tweets about Ed Tech, Info Tech, and Hackers ... Big news, interesting stories, insightful comments, and good reads ... for the week ending Saturday 8/1/15 @ 3 pm ... Links to previous editions of the Dozens can be found ==> Back issues.

A. HBCUs | B. Ed Tech | C. Info Tech | D. Hackers | E. Views  

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Cover Story ... Windows 10 ++++++++++++ 
  1. Review: Windows 10 undoes all of Windows 8's mistakes. Go ahead and upgrade ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Mashable, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider, Ars Technica, NY Times, Re/code, TechCrunch, Wired
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A. HBCUs ... Dozen
  1. Black Holes and Quantum Gravity | Dr. Jame Lindesay | TEDxHowardUniversity
  1. Morehouse College Computer Science Pipeline Continues to Grow -
  1. Black Students Lagging in College Readiness Despite Taking Prep Courses:
  1. From radio technology to quantum materials | Dr. Gary Harris | TEDxHowardUniversity
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Grants, awards, contracts, donations ... 
  1. More great news! Receives $306,000 Gift From Microsoft Corp.
  1. Central State University Receives more than $4M for Agricultural Research, Extension and Education New Programs...
  1. $20 Million Investment In Savannah State’s Academic Infrastructure: Current ...
  2. Savannah State Receives Over $1M in New Research Grants
    B. Ed Tech ... Dozen
    1. CT Innovators award winner: Pairing E-Portfolios With Badges To Document Informal Learning
    1. The Teacher’s Guide To Open Educational Resources
    1. Library Renewal -- Moving most books off-campus at Georgia Tech ... ==> via Back to Top
    $$$$$$$ ...
    1. $1.6 billion and counting: 's growing share of the venture capital pie
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    Competency based ...
    1. Universities create national initiative for competency-based education: (1/2)
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    MOOCs, online, blended ...
    1. How is changing online classes, our latest blog post:
      C. Info Tech ... Issues in the broader technical environment that impact teaching, learning, research, hackers, and entrepreneurs ... Dozen + 3

      Top Story #1 ... Facebook's revenue +++++++++++

      1.  Facebook is more mobile than ever, beats Wall Street revenue estimates by ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by TechCrunch, NY Times, Business Insider, Bloomberg, Wall Street Journal, VentureBeat, ZDNet
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      Top Story #2 ... Android security hole +++++++++++

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      1. Farhad and Mike’s Week in Review: Twitter Problems
      1. Uber reportedly raises another $1B from investors including Microsoft by  ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by The Verge, Bloomberg, NY Times, TechCrunch, Wall Street Journal, Business Insider
      1. Obama orders creation of exascale supercomputer via &
      1. Facebook's internet drone looks like an angry boomerang ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Fast Company, Bloomberg, Re/code, VentureBeat, Wired, TechCrunch
      1. LinkedIn revenue beats expectations despite strong dollar .. DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Bloomberg, NY Times, TechCrunch, Business Insider, ZDNet, VentureBeat,
      1.  Twitter's growth in the US grinds to a halt ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by NY Times, CNET, Bloomberg, VentureBeat, Wall Street Journal, Re/code
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      Artificial Intelligence, robotics ...
      1. Students faced off in a soccer match featuring robot players
      1. Don't freak, but a computer ump just called a baseball game
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      Big data, data analytics, machine learning, etc, etc, etc
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      Cybersecurity, privacy, & cybercrime ...

        D. Hackers ... Dozen + 3

        Top Story #3 ++++++++++++
        1. Fabulous Realities -- God particles and Black Tech Billionaires ... ==> ... DLL Editor's note -- This tweet links to a NY Times profile from October 2014 that, IMHO, has not received the attention it deserves. ICMY I retweeted it yesterday, 7/28/15, in order to correct this grave oversight.
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        1. "Cornrows and Code?" Yes! Changing the dominant narrative...
        1. One of our camp special guest next week will be @On2nd_Thought CEO ! Woo hoo!!! ... DLL Editor's note -- Here's her company's Website ... and here's her profile in Black Enterprise
        1. lack Caucus to Silicon Valley: Hire more minority talent:
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        Diversity In Tech ... stats & strategies
        1. Facebook, still overwhelmingly white and male
        1. Pinterest is launching a diversity initiative that aims to be a model for the industry ... DLL Editor's note -- This story also covered by Fast Company, Wall Street Journal, ZDNet,
        1. . gets graphic with employee diversity data at big tech companies
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        Coding & Coders
        1. As a waiter, he made $20,000 a year. Then he took a course in computer programming.
        1. Coding schools "will graduate about 16,000 students this year, more than double the 6,740 graduates last year."
        1. Here's what inspired top minds in artificial intelligence to get into the field
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        Hackathons, workshops, meetups, etc
        1. DC MAYOR, Muriel Bowser, was at Harmony DC for Black Girls are Coding Camp ... @BlackGirlsCode
        1. So excited has been invited to exhibit our technology at 1st ever White House Demo Day hosted by !
        1. Another great night ! Thrilled to be here, supporting the growth of in NYC.
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        E. Tech Views -- Comments, opinions, and long forms ... Dozen 
        1. Our intern Busayo talks about the impact our program had on him:
        1. It's time to shift discussion of 'online learning' to 'digital strategy' (essay)
        1. 10 reasons why Twitter is dying ... DLL Editor's note -- Twitter's problems also discussed by Wired
        1. Weekend Read: “Help Me Help You”: Asking for Intros to Venture Investors - The Accelerators - WSJ
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        Long form ... good reads ... :-)
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