Saturday, August 08, 2015

#WHDemoDay "Family Album" -- Tweets & pics that mention some folks you may know

Last update: Saturday 8/8/15
Below find some tweets and pictures from White House Demo Day that feature the hackers and their backers who are frequently mentioned on this blog. You will find the DLL's full collection of over 1800 tweets in its three part Storify of this event:

 Part 1(1:30 pm to 2:50 pm) | Part 2  (2:51 pm to 4:00 pm) Part 3 (4:01 pm to 5:00 pm+)

  1. was such an incredible experience! Homeward bound recharged to create the next gen of biz leaders!

  1. We were incredibly fortunate to have the CEO of , , come by today after to speak with our boys!
  2. It is great to see you were involved in the 1st Demo Day!
  3. Impressive leadership and commitment - gracias! ": Looking forward to participating in White House Demo Day August 4 .”
  4. whoa! A lot of my buddies were there too at like and . Cool to see there too
  5. i know i'm biased, but i think seeing the fellows speak at was cooler than seeing speak at
  6. Heard my daughter was awesome at talking about , the org that launched her of coding!
  7. you are absolutely phenomenal! I am proud of you sis! Go !
  8. I was beaming at work when I shared with my colleagues that was presenting at the for !
  9. S/O to and Baking into the DNA of the tech industry. Awesome to see you at !
  10. Makes me proud to live in Oakland & to be working on tech diversity. Congrats &
  11. I think the guy had to leave next to me. Grab the seat of you like
  12. So of just pitched in front of . Talk about making moves.
  13. Congrats and for being featured at and meeting !
  14. Congrats to and the team. It was good seeing you pitching the at the White House demo day.
  15. Just watched pitch ParkPic to at the White House Demo Day. Great work!
  16. is crushing it in her pitch to President Obama
  17. watching & see demo to (congrats Jewel!)
  18. Watching demo her app to President Obama!
  19. Spotted walking by the live feed! Woo go at .
  20. Watching on the YouTube live broadcast! Can't wait to see & many others' demos.
  21. Yep just had lunch w my sis she's connected to the founder of Pigeonly via her org
  22. $ committed at is first step; need to fund emerging VC managers, MSI R&D budgets; include national labs!
  23. NewMe founder and alum will be at the first ever today!
  24. "Genius is evenly distributed...access and opportunity are not." Loading
  25. say hi to team Emerald from at today! They're making awesome tech to help people age in place healthfully.
  26. After this trip for , expect a few announcements to drop. Perfect timing? Maybe...

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